What budgeting actually does is clearly show you how you allocate your money and present you the choices on what stuff to enjoy each month (you’ve now earned that right, don’t you dare disagree with me).

7 Keys to Successful Budgeting | Complete Controller

Here are some thoughts on budgeting that I’ve learned over the years:

A) One of my favorite budgeting apps is Budget by Mint. If you’re familiar with a budgeting app then you’ll find it’s really easy to use, learn here about them. It even includes a nice web frontend where you can keep an eye on the amount of each item you’ve consumed each month.

B) A very good book that’s focused on budgeting called Starting Out Budgeting is very good. I’d recommend you read it before you continue reading. It’s also really interesting to understand how a budget works (and you can read an excerpt from it here).

C) A really great article that’s focused on a very simple but very effective way to budget is The Dollar Book by Richard Branson (you can also check out an excerpt here).

D) A really good blog that’s focused on different methods and the tools you can use to start budgeting, and how to keep your budget on track, is One More Day Budget by Nicki Zupp.

E) A truly great budgeting resource that I really recommend is The Simple Dollar. This is an investment and risk free company that will allow you to invest with the simplicity that your cash flow can provide. For just a small monthly fee, you will get a monthly dividend of exactly 1% and you will be rewarded for your actions each month. There is a one-time $50 setup fee, but this is not a lot of money for the benefit that you get from the service. The Simple Dollar is available through numerous banks and some are even cheaper than The Simple Dollar, but this is a great place to start if you don’t have a lot of money to invest. What I really like about the Simple Dollar is that they are open to ALL investors. This allows you to come in and try the service without worrying about breaking the bank, and if you do, you can still get back on the Simple Dollar if you really don’t like it. Simple Dollar is located at http://www.simpledollar.com/. It has a sign up page, and you may choose to get $25 or $50 per month and is also available in USD or CHF.

I also recommend you do some research on The Simple Dollar’s investment objectives. There are several things to consider including the fund selection process, the potential for arbitrage (making more money by selling at a discount) and the risk/reward ratios. When you sign up for your $50 or $25 per month, you also get a referral bonus for doing so. The Simple Dollar is also worth a mention as a relatively stable investment as they track the index at least monthly and you are allowed to switch between fund selection.